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Grad Sessions

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Celebrate your milestones

Bring a Friend

CAD $150

About This Service
For a limited time, bring a friend with you for a session and save $100! Each person pays $150 The session will take about 2 hours, Each person can personalize his/her portion of the session to fit individual needs. You can pick any theme of your choice for the session. e.g., Sports, Music, Fashion, Nature, City, Traditional Grad Portraits, or just about anything else you can imagine. You get professionally edited, high-resolution, print-ready images .Ask about my storytelling albums to preserve these memories for a lifetime.
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Bring a Friend Package - $150
2-Hour session
Each person pays $150
Over 20 photos per person
Beautifully edited and ready to print photos.

Solo Grad Session

CAD $250

About This Service
A grad/senior session is all about highlighting your personality, hobbies and your confidence about your achievements.
That does NOT mean you can't have a little fun doing it. :)
Solo Grad Session - $250
2-Hour session
Over 40 photo per person
Multiple themes and styles
Beautifully edited and ready to print photos.

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